e-PITTI.com’s official launch: the figures and innovations of Pitti Immagine’s on-line and new media investments

June 14th, 2011 – e-PITTI.com, the digital platform that will host Pitti Immagine’s on-line fairs, will be officially launched on the occasion of next June’s events: in fact, after the first pilot edition in January, there will now be on- line versions of Pitti Uomo 80, Pitti W 8 and Pitti Bimbo 73.

With e-PITTI.com we have completed the intricate and complex internet project we began over one year ago,” says Raffaello Napoleone, CEO of Pitti Immagine. “In June, the first virtual fair platform dedicated to the fashion and lifestyle sector, capable of hosting all the brands taking part in the Pitti Immagine fairs, will be launched.”

We are preparing ourselves for a very frenetic and intense period”, adds Francesco Bottigliero, CEO of FieraDigitale, “during which we will gather information about the collections as well as company descriptions for the over 1,600 men’s, women’s and children’s fashion brands participating in the Pitti fairs. A total of 75,000 photos will be taken plus around 2,000 videos“.

In the space of just three weeks, a catalogue of 10,000 products will be created on the e-Pitti.com portal, presenting the 1,600 collections participating. In order to do this, during the Pitti fairs, the FieraDigitale team will be expanded to include 45 photo crews, 30 editors, stylists and assistants, etc., involving a total of 150 professionals”.

Concomitantly with the launch of the on-line fairs, the new Marketplace feature will be inaugurated. In a reserved area, only accessible to registered buyers, the Marketplace will host the new collections from brands participating in the “Showroom B2B” service. Thanks to this new service, companies and buyers will be able to negotiate and complete orders for the new collections presented at the fairs.

The e-PITTI.com project, created and managed by FieraDigitale, the new company controlled by Pitti Immagine and established especially for this project”, adds Raffaello Napoleone, “is the result of our group’s important strategic development plan and represents an overall investment of around 1.5 million euros“.

And Pitti Immagine’s investment in on-line services and communication does not end here. In fact, in June, during the summer fairs, the new Pitti Immagine and Fondazione Pitti Discovery websites will be presented.
Pitti will be completely revamping its on-line presence as well as the image of its fairs and special projects”, concludes Raffaello Napoleone, “with two portals that will be characterized by an exciting layout and a series of new content and functions for top buyers, companies and journalists, as well as the big international community that attentively follows the world of Pitti Immagine”.