Positive results for the winter edition of e-PITTI.com online fairs. New collaborations and editorial projects scheduled for summer

May 4th, 2016 – The winter edition of online fairs has concluded positively and, with summer approaching, e-PITTI.com is preparing to further grow its editorial content.
A total of 11 weeks online recorded a 35% increase in buyers compared with the same period last year from 110 countries. Italy maintains its position as number one most active country in the digital fairs, followed by Japan for Pitti Uomo and Pitti Filati online, while Russia comes in second place for Pitti Bimbo online. Today, 29% of visits come from mobile devices – a figure that is constantly growing season after season. The high number of page views is confirmed, with more than 300,000 in the reserved area of the platform alone.

The coming summer edition will be enriched every week with exclusive content from new and renewed collaborations. For the digital version of Pitti Uomo 90, as part of the special project Through The Eyes Of, the editorial team of e-PITTI.com meet international fashion influencers who will narrate their interpretations of style through creative moodboards.

For Pitti Bimbo 83, on the other hand, it will be a team of mum-bloggers to take the style lead at e-PITTI.com and review fashion for the little ones on the Style, As Told By Mum special. Our guest editors include the founders of sofiscloset.it, littlefairyfashion.com, mini-styling.com, yoyo-mom.com, lacasitademartina.com and nichylove.com.

A collaboration with Polimoda will document the street side of Pitti Uomo and Pitti Bimbo through the lenses of young photographers whose shots will be present in the platform during the whole online season. On top of that, the established partnership with Nextatlas for analysis and scouting of emerging trends will also continue.

e-PITTI.com and innovation continue to walk hand in hand with READY-to-ORDER, the app to collect sales orders via iPad, a B2B tool that makes the most out of the latest data management technology. The opening of Pitti Uomo 90 will also see the launch of a new event: MODÆ Connection. This invitation-only workshop, hosted in partnership with Google, was created for the main players of the industry as an occasion to discuss prospective and recent evolvements in the fields of fashion and digital.