e-PITTI.com and FTA: Together for the development of innovative fashion startup

June 4th, 2014 – e-PITTI.com and Fashion Technology Accelerator, the first business accelerator for global companies and “fashion tech” startups, announce their partnership to support the development of emerging companies within the fashion industry. According to the latest available data, global investments in startups operating have reached 1 billion dollar in 2011 and 1.6 billion dollars in 2012 (source: www.gpbullhound.com).
The agreement between e-PITTI.com and FTA Milan aims to stimulate, significantly, this reality.

Italy, with its creativity and high quality manufacturing, is an ideal ground for digital technologies applied to fashion. The idea of promoting this industry sits at the basis of e-PITTI.com, the project designed and launched by Pitti Immagine andFieraDigitale. The mission is to help the fashion supply chain through new digital startegies, facilitating the online growth, especially on an international level. For these reasons, in October 2013, e-PITTI.com has promoted, in Italy, Decoded Fashion, the first global forum dedicated to startups and fashion.

Similarly, FTA supports the rising of young companies, which operate between fashion and technology, with expertise in management consulting, thanks to a network of international partnerships. In just six months of operation, the first two accelerated companies, Leonardi Milan and La Passione Cycling Couture, are already achieving early results on foreign markets. In addition, they have already started developing with a third company, Warda.

Francesco Bottigliero, CEO of FieraDigitale, said: “This with FTA is an alliance between research and business, it arises from the desire to find new talents, helping them to emerge and create a transmission of ideas that leads to a contagion business. We want to give our support to Italian companies that use new technologies.

An important result, not so much for us, but for the entire ecosystem” said Paolo Ivancevich , managing partner of Fashion Techology Accelerator Milan. “e- PITTI.com is a key player for both fashion industry and for the Italian startup. We are very proud to give our own contribution.