About UsThe best digital companion to physical fairs

The beginnings

FieraDigitale was founded on 2010 by Pitti Immagine and Francesco Bottigliero to innovate the trade show business through digital technology.

The works

FieraDigitale service supports physical fairs, to help the business development of companies beyond the events, multiplying commercial opportunities.

The expertise

Through the platform of FieraDigitale and its related services, clients take advantage of years of expertise on the field of online fair management.

FieraDigitaleA contemporary reworking of the fair concept

Key BenefitProviding a full service from development to management of digital fairs


FieraDigitale services support physical fairs so they can be available no matter what occasion or location.


FieraDigitale provides a tool for both sales and visitor profiling, as well as in-depth database development.

the pull factor

The FieraDigitale service provides incentive for companies to take part on physical fairs to also benefit from the digital version.


It creates new opportunities for commercial contact between parties that are often far away from one another.